Keith is a musician, storyteller, cartoonist and standup comedian for kids!

Keith at Piano Keith at Piano Keith at Piano Keith at Piano

“Combine a little of the wry humor of Shel Silverstein, the clever lyrics of Loudon Wainwright III, and even a pinch of the witty wordplay of Richard Thompson, shrink it down to kid’s size, and you have something that approximates the delightfully quirky songwriting of Keith Munslow.”

Lahri Bond, Parents' Choice Foundation


Throw the confetti! Start the parade! Keith’s brand new recording with his songwriting pal Bridget Brewer is here! You can pick up your copy right here by clicking the STORE button, or download it from iTunes! We are sooooooo excited about this recording, and can’t wait for you to hear it. Spread the word!

Coffee Breath

Everyone loves Keith’s brutally honest song about the stinky aftermath of parental caffeination. CLICK HERE for a live version, and HERE to download this catchy tune!

Facebook pals!

You can follow Keith on Facebook by liking his performer page right HERE. And there’s also a Facebook page with Bridget Brewer for their new project, Big Buncha Buddies!

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