(for children grades K-6 and parents/guardians)

In his highly interactive triple-whammy show, Keith delivers fun, funky music, lightning-fast cartooning, and hilarious stories that will have grown-ups laughing as much as the kids! Keith’s rhythmic piano playing, on-the-spot improvisations, and quick wit combine for an interactive, upbeat, positive experience. His work reflects real-life experiences of kids and families with honesty, humor, and a keen eye for detail. It’s a fast-paced ride, so hang on and don’t blink – you might miss something!


Songwriting Workshops

(for children grades 1-6)

Writing a song is simply a matter of picking something you know and talking about it honestly. In this workshop, students not only learn the basics of rhythm, rhyme, meter and melody – but also that tying your shoes, missing the bus or eating a gross hot lunch can be the stuff of great music!


Comedy and Theatrical Improv Workshops

(for children grades 4-12)

This workshop is all about making it up on the spot! Using a mix of theatrical warm ups and comedy improv games (like the kind you see on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”), students will dive into the fast-paced world of improvisation. This exciting group program teaches teamwork, give/take and creative problem solving in a fun, safe environment.


Illustration Workshops

(for children grades 1-6)

Not everyone feels like they’re a great artist, but the focus here is on originality – not simply drawing ability. This workshop will help students tap into their creativity and problem solving skills – and have a lot of fun doing it!

Literacy Programs

Literacy Programs

(for children grades 1-8)

The heart of this innovative and powerful program is the creation of class-generated stories. Students and teachers alike will share a sense of excitement and pride throughout the course of this multi-day program. Focusing on originality, strong narrative, and excellent word choice, the program’s mission is to provide students with tools and techniques to enhance their creative writing skills, and to generate excitement about the writing process; thus empowering them to meet or exceed current creative writing standards.